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Mercedes Campillo

Massage Therapist 
Away 2022       Foot reflexology therapy diploma training (EMR, ASCA), Bio-Medica Basel
2021-2022        Kclassy Massage diploma training (EMR,ASCA), Bio-Medica Basel
2019-2021        Lymphatic drainage diploma training (EMR,ASCA), Bio-Medical Basel
2010-2015        Expert in manual and energetic naturopathy, acupuncture - Traditional Chinese                                       medicine, and Applied aromatherapy with natural cosmetic preparations and                                           ointments at the private “school for;    
                           Manual and Psycho-physical techniques (Hyle)", Seville, Spain 

Certified foot reflexology massage
Dipl. Classical Massage
Diploma in lymphatic drainage
Grew up in Seville, Spain. Lives since Happy 8 years in Switzerland.

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