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User-user Information


Wix may collect, store and process certain non-personal and personal information from user users ("User-by-User Information") solely on behalf of our users and at the direction of Wix. Each of our users can, for example, import their email contacts from third-party providers such as Gmail or collect and manage contacts in some other way via their user website. Such contacts are then saved with Wix on behalf of the user.

For such purposes, Wix acts as the "processor" and not the "agent" (since both capital letters are defined in the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union) of this user-user information. The users who control and operate such user websites are considered to be the "controllers" of this user-user information and are responsible for complying with all laws and regulations that apply to the collection and control of such user-user information, including all data protection and data protection laws of all relevant legal systems.

You are responsible for the security, integrity, and authorized use of your users' personal information, and for obtaining consents, approvals, and providing fair processing information necessary for the collection and use of such information.

Wix cannot provide legal advice to users or their user-users, however, we encourage all users to post and maintain clear and comprehensive privacy policies on their user websites in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and that all user-of-users read them Policies carefully and make sure you agree to them.

For more information on how user-by-user information may be handled by Wix (which may be relevant to the specific notification you provide and / or receive consent from your user-users), please see Sections 8, 12 and 13 below.

If you are a visitor, user, or customer of one of our users, please read the following: Wix has no direct relationship with the individual user-users whose personal information is processed. If you are a visitor, user or customer of one of our users and would like to make inquiries about your personal data, please contact these users directly. For example, if you wish to access, correct, change or delete inaccurate information processed by Wix on behalf of its users, please address your request to the appropriate user (who is the "data controller"). If you are asked to remove personal user information from users, we will respond to that request within thirty (30) days. Unless otherwise instructed by our user, we retain the personal data of the users of the users for the period specified in section 12.

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