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Ginger can do a lot more. Many people know ginger in a spicy Asian dish or as a tea. But it can do a lot more than that. In Chinese herbal medicine, ginger is present almost everywhere. Either it is a main ingredient or is added in a few slices to round off the recipe. Or as ginger juice to make a poisonous tuber digestible. The ginger: - strengthens our defenses and improves the supply of immune cells - relieves chills - warms us and thus improves blood circulation - relieves coughs and reduces phlegm in the lungs - helps with a blocked nose - has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties - it also calms the stomach and relieves nausea In the case of a cold, ginger warms up our lungs and body surface, which are slightly cooled off by the cool outside temperatures. A hot foot bath with a few slices of ginger or ginger tea in it also helps to warm us up again. Ginger goes well in a vegetable soup. You can make a tea with ginger a little hotter and more effective by slicing a piece of ginger and boiling it for 15 to 30 minutes. In this tea, the full potential of this tuber comes into play!

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